Advertising Offer is:

Buy two months of

Face Advertising and get two for free. 

So you can advertise your company opportunity to 10,000 Street Users, via Face Advertising on street walkers - at 50% discount

Some examples:

  • 1/4 Face advert, right & left of face for one month = £435
    → pay for 2 - £870 total and get 2 free of charge! (equivalent of £217 per month)

  • 1/2 Face advert, right & left of face for one month = £660
    → pay for 2 - £1320 total and get 2 free of charge! (equivalent of £330 per month)

Free artwork and you can run them whenever you wish, they don't expire!
Offer available on all sizes of faces advertising series deal packages.
Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount.

Offer valid until Friday 19th October 2018, 5pm

Please call or e-mail us for further details.

Horatio Baugh 
M.  +44 (0) 07577 864 368
E: baughempire@gmail.com

Copyright (C) Mr. Horatio Anthony Baugh, 5th October 2018. The idea is protected of a person's face painted featuring a logo advert(s) of a company's brand image and URL address, paid by a client company to gain promotion for their company. 

    The New, Disruptive, Revolutionary Advertising company, changing the advertising industry, by providing members of the public with an income by wearing adverts on their faces, to show a company brand to their friends, family and viewers of their eye--catching face adverts via www.adz.im.