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House Emoji Domain Name viewed in the website browser.

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Price Guide September, 2017

Buyer request to buy 2 Letter (LL) .com domain name, budget USD $400,000 - $600,000!

This could be used as a comparison to the House Emoji, which is a SINGLE (1) Letter .cf domain name. They are both short, letter domain names, apart from the obvious difference in the .com and .cf extensions, but the .com will never allow Emoji's in their extension according to Versign, the company incharge of the .com extension, therefore .cf extension is the natural extension along with the .ws and a very few others for Emoji 1 Letter domains. 

See Photograph below for USD $400,000 - $600,000 Buyer Budget: 

Typing In House Emoji - 

Try it on your smartphone. Enter this Emoji in your smartphone browser 🏡 then type ".cf"



On auto-suggestion when you enter the words: "HOUSE", or "REAL ESTATE," on your smartphone as shown in the two pictures below.

2 Billion smartphone owners worldwide.

Imagine the possibilities... 

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‘Secret £1,000,000 Emoji Website Address’

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“Emoji could soon take over domain names…”
– CNET, 28th October 2016

Thanks to a search engine from GoDaddy, anyone with a phone can easily find and register available emoji domains.

Dear Reader,


What is a emoji domain name? And why are ‘Ten Pound-Emoji's’ so hot?

Put simply, a domain name – consisting of faces 😀😂😘😂 and symbols ☎️🚀🎨🏡 – as a language that is universal that people all over the world use, and emoji domain names are heating up in use and value.

That means these domain names can be typed in by Any Country without a Language Barrier, or any other barrier…

Billions Coming onto the Internet for the First Time - Thanks to Emojis

2 Billion NEW INTERNET users are due to come onto the Internet for the first time, from Asia, whom do not speak the English language, or very little English, and they can not type in an English/Latin based script domain name, such as House.com, or found it very difficult at best, and now thanks to Emoji domain names they can. People living in China and India can now type in my House Emoji domain name and visit my website directly, for example.

New Money

China and India BOTH have middle-classes the size of the United Kingdom, with a large disposable income. They are looking to purchasse British and Western goods and services, because of their reputation for quality. 

Now 2 Billion people in China and India who DO NOT speak English, can visit my business directly...

Imagine the possibilities..

A Billion Pound Internet Company!  

Godaddy Account With My Emoji Domain Names:

I have taken a recent screen shot, Wednesday 31th August 2017, to display my Emoji domain name samples, which are the "Nail Polish" Emoji and the "Art" Emoji characters. Please see below:

Please Note:

For privacy reasons, I have not listed a screen shot of my "House" Emoji for privacy reasons. Further account details available to investors ONLY.

Emoji Use:

For example, my House Emoji pictured at the top of this page was entered... 

4,673,441 Times Per Day on Twitter! ,..AND COUNTING! Free Visits to this Property-Emoji website address!!!

That's more than VISITS THAN... 





Please Note:

EmojiTracker.com is the place to go to if you want to know how many times your favourite Emoji character has been entererd into Twitter per day in real time!

In the picture below you can see the house 🏡 emoji has been typed in 4,763,441 Times Today (Wednesday 31st August 2017)

Make Money Out Of It.

After Emoji domains become mainstream soon in 2017, advertisers will arrive at this house emoji domain name on their own surf, and spend £50 cost per click (CPC)! Well we will see...

Buyers for this house emoji domain will come from online and offline.

Paying £1,000,000 for this emoji domain name and possibly getting 5,000,000 hits  per day,... there most be a profit in it at 5,000,000 hits per day x £50 cpc = £250,000,000 per day potential income!!!

If you dont belive it... 

1000's will!

Domain Names are Currency of Gods!

If you are not looking to become a Billionaire, or multi-millionaire, a friendly suggestion, don't invest in this house emoji domain name now, because the price will go up today, forever and ever, amen! Buy now for the lower price

As an investment, art's profit performance can’t hold a candle to domains. Domain Media.net cost the owner £10, and sold in 2017 for $900 million, the 3rd largest ad tech deal ever, to date. 

Where can you buy a Vincent Van Gogh genuine painting for £10, or invest in for a few £1000s, these days! Virtually impossible. Based on the screen shot below, would you rather own art or domain right now?

Time now for entering the house emoji into your smartphone... 

Click on smartphone: http://www.🏡.cf


Enter on your smartphone the "House" 🏡 Emoji and then ".cf" and click enter, to visit this website.

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